Solo Soli Iiiii


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Scratch Pet Land

Solo Soli Iiiii

format: LP | catalogue: sonig 14LP | year: 2001

Belgium superrockers DJ Elephant Power's & Sun O.K. Papi K.O.'s first mini-LP on french label Source preceeded the big success of francostyle music - a perfect collection of idiosyncratic beats, melodies and noisy manipulations. But instead of following the easy path Scratch Pet Land turned their attention to even more progressive techniques and strategies. Never heard combinations, logics, patterns, rhythms. How to bring all this together? No one can tell. It's a secret mixture that fuels this absurd engine. Scratch Pet Land live within their music. They speak little but write books with their sounds.

"The music here percolates with the energy of the newly animated: pop hooks surface and are then shredded and spat back out by the band's irreverent pop sensibility." (

"Unpredictably chirpy, tuneful electronica that toggles between cute and demented" (Alternative Press)

"Like toyworld improv... cuckoo clocks, budgies, stylophones, glitches and hiccups all make their aural mark... retaining a kind of naive continuity." (The Wire)

"This is avant-electronica as children's music, a sort of Teletubbies for the Mouse On Mars set" (Magnet)

"Unpredictably chirpy, tuneful electronica that toggles between cute and demented" (Alternative Press)

"A reminder of the kind of genre-defying inventive madness now sadly missing from Aphex Twin records. 'Solo Soli iiiii', Scratch Pet Land's first full-length album, is a friendly, playful and listenable experience, an African-tinged, curious and intimate exploration of concrete acoustic textures which avoids all known musical cliches. My favourite record of 2001, and one that for me has redefined the possibilities of sound, sensibility and technique in avant pop." (Momus)