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C-Schulz & Hajsch

C-Schulz & Hajsch

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 13CD | year: 2000

About a decade ago, well before the "Sound of Cologne" reached public acclaim, Carsten Schulz (C-Schulz) und Hans-Juergen Schunk (Hajsch) formed the nucleus of a small scene which, although based in Cologne, was already operating on an international level. Their new album, which took C-Schulz & Hajsch three years to make, represents a new, complex music, realized through clearly structured arrangements of microtonal material. It blends accoustic instruments (tuba, harmonium, guitar and clarinet, among others) with field recordings and concrete sounds. So that this quiet, gently prodding music takes on surprising depth and dimensionality. Turning their back on the scene's bustling activities, and focussing on a reduced set of musical parameters, has given C-Schulz & Hajsch the possiblitiy to take up and extend Cologne's long-standing tradition of sound research.

"Here is one of the greatest albums with sound researches I've heard for ages. Quiet and soothing, a marvellous recording !!!" (heimdallr.ezwww.ch)

"Acoustic instruments like tuba, harmonium, guitar and clarinet are connected with field recordings and concrete sounds to create a release that successfully fuses the references of Zoviet-France, Coil/Time Machines, Nurse With Wound, Gastr Del Sol and Fennesz. The calm and careful music surprisingly develops a multidimensionality, which is completely free of clichés." (riouxs.com)