C-Schulz & Hajsch


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C-Schulz & Hajsch

C-Schulz & Hajsch

format: LP | catalogue: sonig 13LP | year: 2000

"Clearly breaking new ground, the music on this disc goes beyond ambient, beyond electroacoustic, beyond all things 'Cologne', and into new and undiscovered territories. Using field recordings, concrete sounds and a vast array of acoustic instruments (harmonium, accordion, piano, clarinet, saxophone and guitar among others), this innovative duo has created nine completely unique soundworlds of such depth and precision, I cannot give this music enough praise." (incursion.org)

"Sound kids take note this one?s for you. These fellows were apparently bringing the electro-experimental Cologne sound back before you cared then dropped out and into studio only life for this three years in the making album. Surprise of surprises, I like it, the fusion of studio technology, organic sources, etc brings me back to the days of enjoying musique concrete." (scratchrecords.com)