Es Liebt Dich Und Deine Körperlichkeit Ein Ausgeflippter


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Es Liebt Dich Und Deine Körperlichkeit Ein Ausgeflippter

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 19CD | year: 2002

'It is indeed the future in the present, and it seems: there is a good deal that is possible'

Workshop have completed their sixth album, their most personal and most political to date. This band resembles a dragon breathing saviours, exhorters, seditionists, anarchists, levellers and rockers from its mouth. A German band most difficult to pigeon-hole. Ten songs- extended, brief, sudden, incomprehensible sounds, annoying, true, break-neck stories, complex and compact rhythms, pauses, noise, guitars, fluff, images, voices and grimaces. "Es liebt dich und deine Koerperlichkeit, ein Ausgeflippter." is a cleverly though-out, unconventional, ambivalent, German language Rock album, geared against the apolitical sloth which besets our minds. Having already released two albums on the Indie label Finlayson and a further three on Ladomat, Workshop have now signed with Sonig.