Ton Wah


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Wevie De Crepon

Ton Wah

format: 12" | catalogue: sonig 34 | year: 2004

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Inspired by the endless joy of a talking GPS system on board a breakdown truck (& some high quality gold russian vodka), Wevie explain their own uniquely broken-down geographical position from a vast perspective. LOOK OUT! An infamous live experience, "Ton Wah" is now brought to you as an extended motorway maintainance 12" - complete with acapella, scratch samples & build your own bollard kit. Also included : "Wobbler" (Remix) , "Ton Wah" german language version, "Ton Wah" remix by MOUSE ON MARS. "Who can forget the infamous "Bollard Song" (Ton Wah) on a sunny Saturday evening at a castle in Tullamore during the summer? Or Ghostbusters? Or the masks and madness? Or listening to tales of little old ladies legs getting licked by cats. Or the legendary shit on the stage." (