Mixitch Mjeuga Djisc


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Mixitch Mjeuga Djisc

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 51CD | year: 2006

"Who knows on which foot to dance to Aelters' music?" Aelters, Frenchman and ex-member of Dat Politics, prevails once again. Essentially, his music seems to have remained unchanged since his last record "Ardchilds' com.undo", released on sonig in 2003. It "gently mutates", is how the artist described his previous album, a description which also mirrors his way of working. Aelters has definitely evolved, however, where his style is concerned. The rattling high speed break beats found on Ardchilds' com.undo have given way to hard disco-tech. The beats that Aelters uses to edge his ceaselessly mutating sound creations have become slower and heavier. And he is still sampling as if there were no tomorrow, using whatever he comes across as material: A wide range of speaking voices, Gameboys, Beatboxes, old synthesizers, noises of all kinds. His software seems to have a mind of its own and appears to be under the spell of a randomly acting groove generator. Aelters' music is dense, concrete, often fun and always unpredictable; a quality that seems innate in the French and which makes Aelters an absolute must, particularly for fans of Mr Oizo or Jackson and his Computerband.