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Schwingstelle Für Rauschabzug


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Schwingstelle Für Rauschabzug

format: LP | catalogue: sonig 68LP | year: 2008

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Ever since the release of his first cassette on the renowned and legendary Cologne-based label Entenpfuhl in 1993, Jo Zimmermann aka Schlammpeitziger grants an international audience insights into his private cosmos. The musician, graphic artist and tireless inventor of increasingly strange song titles with a ribald as well as subtle humour has been coining a highly distinctive style for these last 15 years. On his new album he demonstrates how to combine artistic development and remaining true to oneselves' style.

On "Schwingstelle für Rauschabzug", Schlammpeitziger discovers deep frequencies and pulsating beats. And all of a sudden, his tried and tested combination of eloquent melodies (which more often than not seem to lead a life of their own) and lively rhythms acquires a completely new pull. With this album, Jo Zimmermann pulses his listeners (and surely himself) into hypnosis. This new quality transforms Schlammpeitziger's music in a remarkable way: it remains friendly and weird, but gains in seriousness and depth. And in physicalness. Where we used to nod with our heads we are now inclined to exercise our pelvic floor. Beneath all those subsonic donnybrook basslines and the synthlines which stimulate our laugh muscles, each track has a second and a third level to be discovered. Itís always a joy to realize how cunningly Jo Zimmermann palms his musical depth off on us. This kind of club-suitable pop music (or radio friendly club music?) possesses hidden qualities which readily disclose themselves on a second or third listening. And all of a sudden, one is confronted which a wholly new piece of music. This musical "double entendre" was already hinted at on the last album "Everything Without All Inclusive" (sonig 32CD/LP). Now it has become Schlammpeitziger's new musical trademark. Still, each track is capable of telling long and complex stories (which are often triggered by their titles). Still, the listener is caught up in a net of intricately woven melodic lines. And we still love to dive deep into the depths of Schlammpeitzigerís three dimensional sound vaults and his sturdy beats.
"Schwingstelle Für Rauschabzug" is mixed by Andi Toma (Mouse On Mars/Von Südenfed) at St. Martin Tonstudio, Düsseldorf.
The LP is limited to 300x copies.