Everything Without All Inclusive


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Everything Without All Inclusive

format: LP | catalogue: sonig 32LP | year: 2003

"Everything without all inclusive"
Sonig 32LP (limited 500)
Release date: Nov. 3rd, 2003
EAN-Code: 426 003 545 321 9

Schlammpeitziger, master of the Casio and inventor of almost unending song-titles, is back. After interim-activities such as remixing Depeche Mode, a "Best of Schlammpeitziger"-release ("Collected Simplesongs Of My Temporary Past") on Domino, Tokuma & Thrill Jockey and appearances at several festival, the likeable man from Cologne releases his fifth album.

Few contemporary electronic acts have developed such a distinctive aural handwriting as Schlammpeitziger has over the years. On "Everything Without All Inclusive", Schlammpeitziger has perfected his sound and expanded it with surprising elements. Friendly Casio-grooves and irresistible melodies still reign supreme. But beneath the surface, seriousness and doubt are lurking to stake out their claim in the album's second half.

Schlammpeitziger always brilliantly managed to augment his melodious tracks with subtle layers of noise. Many of the tracks on "Everything..." have an ambiguous quality that's hard to grasp. Let's say that his arrangements are shot through less with a barrel-organ sort of humour than with desire and melancholy.

Nevertheless, this music is surely big fun and good for love at first sight. But it also stands the test of the second and third sight. On further hearings, this music reveals qualities, which were submerged by a wave of sympathy in the initial encounter.


A1. Behäbige Alarmschwarmlage (Sluggish Alarmswarmscenario) 6'19"
A2. Prä-digitaler Volksstuhlhänger (Pre-digital Folkstoolhanger) 6'16"
A3. Verordentliche Unruhe (Tidified Restlessness) 4'34"
A4. Im Rehaglänzgasboot (In the Rehaglossgasboat) 4'56"
B1. Frag nicht nach Nord-Süd-Fahrt (Just don't ask for North-South-Drive) 4'31"
B2. Club Sonnenbankwende (Club Sunbedturn) 4'11"
B3. Aufstand des Neoflötisten (Neo-Flautist's Revolt) 5'03"
B4. Starter für argwöhnische Anhängsel (Ignition for suspicious Hangers-on) 3'28"
B5. Stolperndes Galoppholz (Stumbling Galoppwood) 3'53"