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5.Flicker Tunes

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 42CD | year: 2004

C-Schulz's new solo-outing 5. FLICKER TUNES is on a par with C-Schulz & Hajsch as far as economy of means and musical depth are concerned. The Cologne-based composer grants himself as well as his listeners the luxury of taking one's time to embark on a journey through his "concrete" sounds and expansive sonic planes. This music plays with varying grades of depth - sometimes it feels really close to the body, then again it submerges in the far corner of its musical environment. Its listeners are witnesses of three-dimensional effects. Fluttering modulations in diverse tempi play havoc with our inbred patterns of hearing. Layers of sound are heaped upon one another meticulously and then moved in the slightest of nuances. Thus microtonal shiftings come into being, which now form an enormous soundscape and then weave themselves into the densest of soundtextures. Seemingly without effort, C-Schulz annuls our concept of time in popmusic, declaring it a conventional burden of which he rids himself as well as his listeners. The result is that no matter how often you listen to 5. FLICKER TUNES, it will never sound the same, nor will it ever wear out. A magical work, no less.