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Mouse On Mars


format: CD | catalogue: sonig 01CD | year: 1997

"Another 60 minutes of delicious music. Instrumentals is the direct moment after the moment when a great record has been recorded. With ideas still fresh and songs continuing to play over and over in their head, Mouse on Mars took the time to piece together all these goods thoughts and put them out." ( "you can always tell a mouse on mars sound when you hear one, and this album is full of'em..." ( "While polishing my glasses on my cardigan, I became greatly intrigued by the sounds of the stereo. "What are these cutting-edge minimal sounds?" I asked myself. Upon investigation, I was pleased to discover that the tracks were formulated and lovingly crafted by none other than Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma - Mouse on Mars! The smart and intellectually stimulating sounds of this relaxed outing peaked my interest, and so I emptied my alrready meagrely-filled pockets to purchase these sound pieces. Didn't I feel like a fool (however well-educated I may be) when I got home and realized that "Instrumentals" is a re-release, and I already owned it on EP!" ( "instrumentals is an electronic classic, an organic and deeply grooving collection of uncomparable, insane compositions. the album is darker and more brooding than their releases for Too Pure ... the music is breathtakingly original..." (the Wire)