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Mouse On Mars


format: CD | catalogue: sonig 18CD | year: 2001

reissued and back in stock !!! "this new Mouse On Mars release is well in line with the dogma set up by the duo : "Break every possible rule". From delicate piano soli to impossible beatology via romantic harps combinated with booty music and not mentioning surfer choruses -a favorite among the German electronica elite- the listenner will no doubt enjoy this captivating hard-listenning release. with a fine dosage of cerebral experimentation and physical sensations." ( "Like last year's Niun Niggung, Idiology is arty post-everything music that's weirdly accessible. None of it should work anywhere near as well as it does. Oddly arranged horns perch precariously atop a clatter of mechanistic, humming tones. Cartoon sound effects, ridiculously sped-up drum sounds, and farty synth squelches give way to gorgeous strings and subtle melodies. Piano tinklings, phat bass lines, ska horn parts, and skittering insect rhythms layer on top of a deep house-ish, booty-shaking gurgle. The singing (a first for the band, all by drummer Dodo) is pretty high-pitched Robert Wyatt-like vocals on one song and a chopped-up alien chorus on another. Mouse on Mars combine so many sounds from myriad genres, asking the listener to discard their preconceptions, wherever possible, and have what jazzbos in Tennessee call "big ears." (Mike McGonigal) "They have rarely sounded more enthused about their own unique creations....MoM are probably the only group ever to mix deconstruction with dance and still sound fun..." (Muzik) "Sounds like the kind of upliftingly cracked Euro techno we'd be listening to if Tristan Tzara's Dadaist revolution had successfully kicked being trapped inside of a damaged mechanical brain. Yes, it's that good." (Mojo) "from punk glitch breakbeat techno, to digi surfsongs, to orchestral swoon, spoken word philosophising, and the sound of cutlery being thrown down a lift shaft, this is either brilliant or mental, and probably both. whatever your concept of music is, mouse on mars piss all over it from a very great hight" (wax, june 2001)