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Mouse On Mars


format: CD | catalogue: sonig 03CD | year: 1996

Sold out. GLAM contains music composed as a score to the film of the same name. Both the music and film was ultimately rejected by the studio, however the tracks were eventually released by Mouse On Mars as a limited vinyl LP on Sonig. Glam presents the band's most intricate and subtle compositions. Sonig offers the re-edited album plus three bonus tracks on CD. "In an effort to make universally undiscribable music, mouse on mars divide accoustic data into structure, density and time, flickering between them to transmit an agenda of breakups and absurdity. Total ambiguity prevails in exploding sounds often less than portions of seconds in length." ( "MoM's distinctive sound signatures can certainly be heard throughout these 14 discursive electronic pieces, but there's a peacefulness and delicacy at play that makes it one of their most accessible LPs to date. Of course, they still delight in juxtaposing harmonic beauty with discordant noise and abrasive sounds, but for the most part it feels delightfully restrained. Imagine a gorgeously snaking electronic soundtrack propelled gently by tripped-out electro rhythms and shot through with the occasional cosmic whirl, and you won't be far wrong." ( "Maybe I spent too many hours staring at the sleeve art (a good argument for keeping the vinyl), but the cover, a shot that might have been titled "Hyenas on the Savannah at Dusk", really captures the mood of Glam. It's a grainy video capture that diffuses the early evening light into finely textured particles, and the photograph is gripped with tension as it straddles boundaries between day and night, between the natural world and an electronic representation. Glam, absorbing influences from the vast musical world of all of Mouse on Mars, has a similar complexity." ( "Glam is what remains when two geniuses are left alone to work in peace." (rolling stone)