Radical Connector


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Mouse On Mars

Radical Connector

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 41CD | year: 2004

"Rumor had it that the forthcoming Mouse on Mars' LP, Radical Connector, was going to be a dance-oriented outgrowth from the duo's stellar Idiology, but I can't imagine anyone expecting such a decidedly enormous beat as the one gracing "Wipe That Sound." The track decided veers away from the modern click and thump of German tech-house, instead shooting for the realm of block party booty anthems: "Wipe That Sound" grooves slow and sleazy through an ooze of typically dense MoM hiccups and atypically sloppy swaths of synth, while a chorus intoning the song title doubles over and chirping falsettos echo in response. Though it generates from a painfully slow, monotone trickle, "Wipe That Sound" quickly gains steam, renewing a slew of R&B cliches through its four-minute maximum recourse and closing as Mouse on Mars' catchiest track yet." [Nick Sylvester, pitchforkmedia.com] "the group's most club-ready record to date, all without sacrificing their experimental edge." (weeklydig.com)