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Mouse On Mars


format: LP | catalogue: sonig 61LP | year: 2006

After recording five albums for Thrill Jockey Records, they now team up with Ipecac Recordings for the release of Varcharz. The limited edition vinyl version is exclusively released by sonig. Entirely recorded at Mouse on Mars? St. Martin Ton Studios in Duesseldorf, Varcharz is their most live sounding and diverse studio album to date. The title, Varcharz, is intentionally mistaken to sound like ?war charts?, but in fact, it is the phonetic mangling in English of the German word ?wortschatz? which means ?vocabulary?. Recorded throughout the last three years, Varcharz emerges partly from the sessions that produced 2004?s kinetic dance party, Radical Connector, but reveals the harder and more experimental side of the group. For this album, Mouse on Mars digested a steady diet of spatial free-jazz and cocaine-fried booty funk to deliver an album reflecting their energetic live sets? sparkling chaos and glorious precision. Veering away from the vocal hooks of Radical Connector, Varcharz is nine tracks of energetic impulses, heavy riffing from grained sounds and canned percussion, and slamming bottom end insanity provided by notorious sequenced bass and kick drum jolts. Varcharz is also spiked with catchy pop references, anarchic rock interpretations and manga-style pathos.
"A cursory listen to Varcharz?full of aggressive, alien textures and seemingly infinite layers?inspires no such comparisons, but deeper mind-melds with it reveal that each song has a structure, however unconventional. Even "Retphase," the one most likely to make you wince in confusion, is arranged as a group of track IDs that are like the tuning dial of a darkly cosmic radio band. It brings to mind the effects of the psychedelic DMT, described like this in Terence McKenna's Food of the Gods: "The world becomes an Arabian labyrinth, a palace, a more than possible Martian jewel, vast with motifs that flood the gaping mind with complex and wordless awe. . . . Here is the realm of that which is stranger than we can suppose." He suggests that "entities" visit and offer the gift of new language, which blindly fearless DMT users have tried to write down as they come off the drug. You'll preserve brain cells by simply listening to Varcharz." seattleweekly.com
Limited edition vinyl, german pressing, worldwide exclusive through sonig, 1000x copies only. Vinyl sold out, CD still available (see -> other labels -> Mouse on Mars)