No Si, Ni So


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DJ Elephant Power

No Si, Ni So

format: LP | catalogue: sonig 38LP | year: 2004

Nicolas Baudoux aka DJ ELEPHANT POWER is the one responsible for the "Scratch" in "Scratch Pet Land": While being an extremely nimble turntablist, he's also the personified antithesis of what one would normally call a perfectionist. His name stands for a turntablism void of battle-attitudes or the vanities of the DJ. NO SI, NI SO, DJ Elephant Power's debut, has a lot in common with the music of Scratch Pet Land. But one could also mistake it for the lost Zappa-album "Jazz From The Dangerous Kitchen". The music is never 'phat' or 'tight', but simply meanders on (and on). Musical themes are introduced and then left by the wayside, only to reappear in the most unexpected places. The percussion, which at times seems to have more in common with a domestic accident than with beats, is cushioned by a surprisingly jazzy Rhodes-piano and obliquely filtered moog-sequences. This music is laid back and artful but never silly. In spite of its intelligent trickiness, this music is immune to artificial seriousness. NO SI, NI SO is krautrock-y and funky - the only difference being, that its Kraut and Funk seem to be played mainly on kitchenware and samplers. The tracks start very casual, almost in passing; judging from their structure it seems they could have originated in live-sessions. But they are also easily diverted and made to follow new roads which leads them, well, pretty much anywhere but to the place they kicked off from.