In Tune


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Michel Waisvisz

In Tune

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 45CD | year: 2005

"In Tune" is Waisvisz's first album since 1978. It is comprised of live recordings made between 1977 and 2000. None of these recodings have lost any of their relevance to the present. Moving to and from between serious and light music, Michel Waisvisz, director of the STEIM (studio for electro-instrumental music) in Amsterdam, already collaborated with Laurie Anderson, Steve Lacy and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra among others. His manifold and varied activities are not making it easy for the listener. But all his experiments with self developed sound generators - in which one is always able to discern the outlines of songs and flashes of wonderful harmonies amid all noise which is morphing along - are each in themselves absolutely special and surprising. For years and years, fans have made all possible efforts to realise another release by their master. "In Tune" is a premiere in so far as it is here that one gets to hear Waisvisz's crackle box-sounds, the electroacoustic soundmodulations of the STEIM-software LISA, his playfully absurd music for theatre and his anarchic arrangements for drums all in one album.