Niko Et La Berlue


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Uské Orchestra

Niko Et La Berlue

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 50CD | year: 2005

Just imagine the sound track to 'The Matrix', performed by a hyperactive brass band from the Balkans or Mexico. If there is a connection between music and language, then a babbling mess is prevalent with Uské Orchestra. Sometimes it sounds to us as if ballads, bluegrass, polka, lounge jazz or electronics are played, but then again we are not quite sure. This is music that smirkingly teases and entangles us in its rough poetry. A lot on Niko Et La Berlue sounds like a load of jam sessions with only a rough direction, recorded on top of each other and then finished off with a good shake. What neo-folk frequently promised, but then disappointingly delivered as regurgitated hippie music, is a real and new radical strategy in Uské Orchestra's case. The ensemble supports the music, the tones are free and the voice does not sit dominatingly on top of the whole, but fits into the overall picture, dressed up as various personalities. Uské Orchestra makes a strange kind of singer-songwriter music with simultaneous cut-up madness and affected eccentric minstrelsy. Uské Orchestra is also a mystery, a kind of non-music we haven't had since Nurse with Wound. "Uské stews the strangeness with his preternatural orchestrational chops, keeping track of the countless instruments and stratifying the opaque performances with the skill of the late Romantics (Wagner, Berlioz, et al)"