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Sun OK Papi K.O.

Orchestre Philharmonok

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 53CD | year: 2006

SUN OK PAPI K.O. creates his music as a genius dilettante, a professed non-virtuoso. Only with the innocent attitude of the enthusiast can music be created so free from any desire to repeat or to sound like something else. We would like to stress this point especially since this debut invites countless references to current pop music. Orchestre Philharmonok is full to the brim with serious euphoria about club tracks without club and avant-garde without music theory. This doesn?t mean certain pop styles are ridiculed or quoted, no, it is authentic fan admiration that gives this record its astonishing appeal. For example, all the Grime tracks on SUN OK PAPI OK are like wildly sketched Grime drawings of a hyperactive spurred-on child -- like little plays in which the player puts on his Grime hats and then fully submerges himself into this role, forgetting everything around him. With the determination of a sleepwalker he twists dry grooves, pointed sub bass notes and catchy melodies managing with just three or four notes to take the listener?s the breath away. Everything comes across as if it had just been made up. It?s a euphoric search for the new and unknown, which cannot be tied down to clichés and style references, but keeps looking ceaselessly for unexpected turns at an incredible speed. And then enters the surprise guest -- the appearance no one could have foreseen: The unique MC ILLREME !!! One has to congratulate Laurent on his of choice of Japanese guest MC (whom he has never actually met in person, nor even talked to personally due to language and geographical barriers). Illreme is a real star in Japan. He could be described as the inventor of comedy rap, and he raps in a wonderfully offensive and energetic way (and in Japanese), but without any Gangsta attitude. He is distinctly uncool and fun. He is the antidote to the b-boy -- the a-boy. With ?a? as in ?all is allowed that doesn?t restrict.? Or as in: ?all blasting out together!?