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format: CD | catalogue: sonig 31CD | year: 2003

Minute edits of offtime slamming grainsounds, feedback tips, guitar bursts and bass flange accelerations conspire with harmonic distortions, burbling forth melodic excentricities and sudden harmonic changes, occasionally introducing brass arrangements. Blast-punctured streams of organ chord changes spell out melodies, while sub style attacking bass concludes and infects the structure of the tracks. Drums are intercut to create shuddering explosions of precise deconstruction. Scrypt is the third lithops album after Uni Umit (1997) and Didot (1998) and a couple of hard to find 7"s and 12"s. Scrypt features various guest musicians on accoustic instruments, including Mouse on Mars' Andi Toma, Austin's free jazz drum virtuoso Jeff Bouck and sonig dsp eminence F.X.Randomiz. "some of the most heartfelt melancholia in forward-thinking music." ( "Frankly, I have been needing an ass-kicking this grand from an electronic album, for it's been months since I've been stoked on one. This thing unexpectedly knocked me over, and I'm still dumbfounded. Firstly, since my CD player has constantly been spinning the "Zig Zag" compilation, Woven Hand/16 Horsepower, and Thin Lizzy's "Sweet Marie", a record like this was the farthest thing possible from my mind. Secondly, even though other Lithops albums (as well as MoM, and Microstoria) have shown that St. Werner can go to the nether-regions of inner/outer sonic-space, it has never been quite so... so INTENSE." (other music) "The element of surprise is at a premium. Horns, woodwinds, trashcan percussion, plunking guitars, and all variety of concéte pandering are at work creating music that is at once playful, challenging, and even melancholic. As with recent Mouse on Mars material, St. Werner stands alone here in his ability to rend unorthodox rhythms from the most diverse sonic tidbits and to bend these around an equally impressive array of instruments. The results are never boring, and this is the best Lithops music yet." (