The Age Old Age Of Old Age


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Wevie De Crepon

The Age Old Age Of Old Age

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 25CD | year: 2003

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People who say that wevie de crepon have successfully combined the savagery of monty python and stock, hausen and walkman with the brave western rock copyright struggle of negativland and the avant techniques of the electro acoustic heritage paired with the grindcore pumpgun adrenalin of , let's say carcass or napalm death, topped with a bouncy hip hop groove - possibly / definitely have taken a close listen to this album. Some people may hate this, but more likely you will find this a good companion through your post apocalyptic hailpraise perbenism, current political defects and welfare in general. your motto may be: 'the world remains inexplicable so why shouldn't we'? wevie de crepon is a contractually obliged pseudonym of wevie stonder (skam records), a band who (in either disguise) have been forced against their will to live in a monkey colony since 1993."independent ideas clustered through similarity like a wistful graffito on a radioactive spit-spattered wall." (