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Sonig Comp.

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 11CD | year: 1999

special offer, first sonig label sampler

"There must be something in Cologne's water--cologne, perhaps? Whatever it is, that city is still the white-hot epicenter of current electronic music. And this strong survey of local talent is from the Sonig label, a project of Mouse On Mars and Frank Dommert. 9 tracks, all of them exclusive to this release, glitchy but never cold, funky but smart, every one blasting into your head space. FX Randomiz's jumpy beats, Microstoria's glorpy stops-n-starts, Mouse On Mars' distorted boombeats, Scratch Pet Land's headbanging stuttercore, Vert's haunted lost pianotones, Lithop's housy bassilations, Dü (Randomiz and Mouse's Jan St. Werner)'s assembly-line techno, C-Schultz & Hajsch's exploded traffic jam, Wang Inc.'s music boxes detonating in the house of dub, and home you go before your visa expires. A trip that will actually earn you frequent flier miles, which can be redeemed for future, edge-of-your-seat listenings." ( "file this one into your ultra hip clicks & cuts collection and put another copy in your pile of alltime favourites" (jazztunes 1/2000)