Sonig Comp.


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Sonig Comp.

format: LP | catalogue: sonig 11LP | year: 1999

vinyl version with exclusive tracks from f.x.randomiz, vert, microstoria, mouse on mars, scratch pet land, lithops, c-schulz & hajsch, wang inc.& dü. "From the looks of this comp, Sonig has a bright future. If it's true that artist-owned labels are typically doomed to bankruptcy, they more often than not release some groundbreaking work before succumbing to popular indifference. Sonig seems up to the task." ( "The Sonig comp--featuring Lithops, F.X.Randomiz, Microstoria, Vert, and others introduces humour and weird, goofy charm to the glitch universe. Like Mouse On Mars' own music, these tracks often sound like crackpot contraptions, surreal automata, or beguiling audio-mobiles designed to entrance an alien." (simon reynolds) "Pushing beyond the borders of techno, Sonig samplings ramble from the white-noise and off-kilter breaks of Scratch Pet Land's "Savana Airport" to the ambient dub wanderings and ponderings of Lithops' "Me We." Avoiding formula throughout, this CD does nothing if not confound listener expectations." (