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format: 2LP | catalogue: sonig 26LP | year: 2003

Last copies, cover are little used, vinyl is new.

Double vinyl with an exclusive 9 minutes bonustrack by F.X.Randomiz & Joseph Suchy

"For a taste of the truly schizophonic, check out the latest collection of tracks from Cologne-based experimental imprint Sonig, 18 way-out tracks showcasing 22 artists on their roster of musical mavericks. An insane yet carefully crafted homage to sonic experimentation that will surely please those looking for something very different." (montrealmirror.com)

"Speaking of the insane, for a taste of the true schizophonic, check out Sonig.ilation. Eighteen tracks showcase the label roster, ranging from the Jean Jacques Perry-esque / Steinski-on-brown-acid opener by the mysterious Wevie De Crepon to the glitched-out techno of Aelters 'Brasilia' to the molecular gabber assault of Mouse On Mars 'Violilation'. This is a carefully crafted homage to sonic experimentation in all its forms. While many of the tracks can be dense and confounding, the album retains a sense of melody and structure on some of the more hypnotic tracks (specifically Vert's 'All the better to see you with'). Sonig.ilation further pushes the mandate of creativity and boundary-fucking that Sonig has come to be known for. " (viceland.com)