The Köln Konzert


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The Köln Konzert

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 12CD | year: 2000

vert's interpretation and total deconstruction of keith jarret's 70's piano-classic. a continous yet diverse cuts'n pieces epic.
"Packaged in some of the niftiest layered translucent CD sleeve designs seen in a long time, the album consist of five parts, the second and fifth of which are Jarrett compositions. Part One is a lengthy variation on a cyclical piano motif, and brings the performance forward in relatively conventional form before things start to get really interesting. Butler works at the interface between glitch, re-sampled material and composition/improvisation to bend his sound sources from the identifiable into the generously abstract with disarming slyness; one moment there's a melody to hand, and then it eddies away into more distraught areas. As with many of his fellow A-Musik and related laptop-slicers, Vert's pushing of music though a digital cheesegrater demands somewhat more attention than may at first appear. It has its own internal logic, even if that sometimes gets chopped up more than a little bit. The Köln Konzert is at once simple in its transition from states of tune to noise and back and forth, and equally complex in its effectivness. (