Nine Types Of Ambiguity


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Nine Types Of Ambiguity

format: CD | catalogue: sonig 17CD | year: 2001

"rich in imagery, sure in dialogue, profound in characterization, dazzling in its descriptive powers and constantly haunting with its celtic rhythms and its bold, elegant design." (the times) "Vert never loses sight of the fact that a strong melody is the foundation of any solid song. In the end, his extraordinary ability to extract melody from heaps of hissing noise not only puts him head and shoulders above the majority of his peers, but also makes Nine Types of Ambiguity a worthwhile and compelling listen." ( "Resounding explosivity of fundamental differences in tone and rhythm hangs suspended in the atmosphere as a smoothly oiled machine organism slides a frame of reference from underneath it, and motion begins from within to counteract." (fewer records 5/2001) "Alive with new ideas and unfamiliar textures. A variegated selection, it abounds with feinted directions and unexpected intrusions, splashes of pop exotica and recitations" (the Wire)