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Tour Manager E.P.


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Baleine 3000

Tour Manager E.P.

format: M-LP | catalogue: sonig 75 | year: 2009

Repressed!!! Limited quantity available again !

Baleine 3000 is a big sound system, big as a whale. Baleine 3000 is a dangerous crew, a whale that will swallow you. Baleine 3000 has an MC Illreme (Japan, Tokyo), honestly the best japanese MC of this decade. The only guy who risks a stage dive at a two persons audience. Baleine 3000 has a DJ, Afrojaws (France), an awfull DJ who drops and brakes the mix as if he was shoveling a hand of tricked fake pokemon cards. Baleine 3000 has a music producer, SUN OK Papi K.O. aka Laurent Baudoux (Fan Club Orchestra / ex-Scratch Pet Land, Belgium) from the land of New Beat.

Baleine 3000 started as a project to assure a great European tour after the CD release of "Orchestre Philharmonok" by Sun OK Papi K.O. (Sonig 2006). Maybe not the best CD, but it's got some great tracks, and above all a fresh musical proposition. It was also the first appearance of Illreme, who was introduced to Sun OK by Ali Durt Morimoto, Director of the Japanese Guggenheim. Sun OK simply asked him to find the most ingenious Japanese MC, and quite immediately he got Illreme's email address. It worked out and things started happening. DJ Afrojaws is the guy to set the stage on fire, which is good, 'cause Sun OK Papi K.O. is too shy, his sparks jump to the three of them and make things happening. It's not like sticking a 72 oz. whale stake to your throat, it's not evil but generous.

The music of Baleine 3000 has a southern wind, I mean, you can feel the influences of Baile Funk, Angola Beat, Miami old school bass music or even Reggae, 129 BPM or 140 BPM. What makes it really interesting is the experiments whith those ingredients. It's about reinventing and creating something unique. Try to picture a big Wii zapper bazooka with total body vibration. Their closing concert at the Palais des Beaux Arts / Brussels was great, the music as well as the show and the guest appearance of the infamous RBDX spider. The audience is still shocked today. During their tour, Baleine 3000 spent some time in Normandy, in a small studio called Chaudelande. Here they recorded Illreme's vocals to put on the new tracks because it was clear they had more to offer. Here is the result, the "Tour Manager E.P."