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Patric Catani/Chris Imler/Jorinde Voigt


format: LP | catalogue: sonig 78LP | year: 2009

'Lemniscate' is a unique collaboration between the artist Jorinde Voigt, and composers Patric Catani and Chris Imler.

In 2008, following Voigt's concepts, composers Patric Catani and Chris Imler, developed the 'Lazy 8' of the infinity motif at Watermill-Center, NYC, a laboratory for performance, in the form of an acoustic 'cluster'. The looped composition formed of 16 chapters, snakes around 7 points realised using a multi-channel arrangement of 6 loudspeakers and thus describes the shape of a lemnsicate through pure sound.
Catani and Imler created moving musical structures with synthesized and live recorded material (field recordings) that build up rhythmic and fragile melodic structures that move and desolve in a sort of swarm behaviour. (Similar as in Voigts drawings).
It was important for the artists to create music and compositions that split up in their certain elements rather than the dry synthesized granular soundscapes that are used most of the time in this sort of context.

Standing in the centre of this work, the effect is of an architected, geometric form - sensed but not seen, and entirely physical in its scale (the cluster of sound existing between the ground and head height). At the core of the Lemniscate composition is Catani and Imler's structural break up of a tonal construction as the various layers shift and chase themselves around a physical space.

To enable homelistening the multi-channel installation has been mixed down by the artists as a Stereo Version.

Limited edition vinyl 260 + 40 copies with edition by Jorinde Voigt.