Model 3, Step 2


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Model 3, Step 2

format: LP | catalogue: sonig 15LP | year: 2000

microstoria's first studio recordings since 4 years."While you're futzing around with the cool booklet, you should be listening to the cool CD. Microstoria is Markus Popp from Oval and Jan St. Werner from Mouse on Mars. Another electronic supergroup, you say; how interesting. Shush. This is great!" ( "As with much of this music, if you put aside the cultural / theoretical baggage that often accompanies it, your response to it is basically determined by your instinctive reaction to the sounds used, there being little else that's graspable. But on the sensual level alone, there's plenty here to reward the attentive listener. Recommended." ( "Microstoria music expresses a unique combination of tonality and abstraction that creates an almost indescribable mood." ( "Microstoria tell stories in sound and make it possible to follow every detail with full attention. that's because they operate far away from all known genres of music. it's like electronic free-jazz without jazz" ( "In any case, Microstoria are the definition of uniqueness - a fresh style in an increasingly cluttered and like-sounding market." (