The Allophons' Santa Collection

Santa is proud to announce The Allophons (a/k/a Cologne's experimental masterminds F.X.Randomiz and C-Schulz). The Santa collection offers terabytes of unheard - yet strangely familar - sounds in a set of 10 cd's. The Allophons' instrument is digital technology - editing, processing, arranging. Their "revised recordings", created from existing works, make wry commentaries on the content of the source material. The gestures and tonalities of much-loved genres from yesteryear are ruthlessly deconstructed and blended into new exciting music. Everything old gets to be new again (and then old again, and then new again...), as kids with mohawks and Rickenbackers endlessly demonstrate, and the Allophons bring their massive hard drives to the party. Enjoy duets that never happened! Dance to old classics mashed with goofy disco tunes! Be stunned by the fusion of a panoply of songs into one lunatic session! The Allophons beam yesterday's music into tomorrow!

Preceding their 12" vinyl "Bow" (sonig 73, spring 2009) and a full length CD later in the year, the Santa label now releases a 10 volume CD-R series of the Alllophons' best recordings. The first five volumes are now available exclusively through the sonig and a-musik mailorder.