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Rhytus wo du mit musst! D6 Remixes

Xberg Dhirty6 Cru Remix album is out. "Der Rhytus wo du mit musst!" Remix LP features remixes by Ladytron, Eric D. Clark, Maton (Kap Bambino), Bambam Babylon Bajasch, Driver, DJ Opferrille and Ill-Till himself. Check the trailer.


1. Klo Koks Klan (Till's Disco Mix)
2. Hippiedemie (Maton Version)
3. Ich Und Du (Aladin Version)
4. Raststaette (Ladytron Mix)
5. Raststaette (Driver Version)
6. Die Wichtigkeit (DJ Opferrille Mix)
7. Raststätte (Bambam Babylon Bajasch Mix)
8. Raststätte (Eric D. Clark Mix)

digital only:

9. Gold Im Mund (M.-N Remix) (Bonustrack)
10. Klo Koks Trance (Bonustrack)
11. Klo Koks Klan (Angxbeisser Version) (Bonustrack)

Seldom will an album such as this have crossed your threshold. It’s the product of a hitherto unknown crew from Kreuzberg, Berlin, which is comprised of individuals such as ILL-TILL, TIGER, DER RICHTER, DER TRETBOTE, KNOCHENBLUT, DJ OPFERRILLE and their guests. They offer us a brutal and pitiless as well as gallant view into the abysses of our society, without resorting to waggling the gender specific measuring rod in front of our noses too often. Embedded into Crunk and uncompromising Rap beats, which mix very well with Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg or even Kanye West in the DJ set, these sickly underprivileged children with their self-contained anti prose rap themselves effortlessly to the top of the action.

The video for Raststaette by Angie Reed is here.
The whole show by Angie with Candie Hank's Booty Bank and other hits is here.