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Kevin Blechdom on sonig

Third Solo Album will be released on Sonig in March/April 2009

From Tallahassee to Berlin to Tallahassee to Berlin - Kevin Blechdom and Sonig team up to release an acoustic album chock full of palpitating love songs. Kevin Blechdom plays piano and sings. The album is lyrical, lush, and direct, with emotion of epic proportion.

“Gentlemania” was recorded at La Frette Studios in Paris and Heavysheet Studios in Berlin and was mixed by Shapemod in 2008. Co-produced and co-written with her good friend Mocky--the collaboration benefits from Mocky's nurturing qualities that contrast, calm, and frame Blechdom's intrinsic chaos. As the title suggests, “Gentlemania” is not as schizophrenic or madcap manic as her previous two electronic albums. Instead, Blechdom slows down, takes a deep breath, and, with thoughtful control, peels back layers of emotion for the listener to hear. Combining a strong background in classical and experimental music with a broad knowledge of pop styles, Blechdom seamlessly travels between and coalesces country jangle, Broadway show tunes, old-school R&B, and many other styles into a cohesive and true musical story. The autobiographical and interpersonal themes revolve around introspection, longing, doubt, hope, and ultimately, human transformation.

The album is defined by Blechdom's idiosyncratic melodies and motifs, profoundly personal lyrics, unique vocal delivery and poignant piano playing which fuse with Mocky’s sympathetic drumming and innovative arrangements. Also featured on the record are guest vocalists: Jamie Lidell, Planningtorock, and Denzel Sinclair in addition to guest instrumentalists: Taylor Savvy, Andre Vida, and the Organ Lady.

"The making of this record has been really intense, but I've come out feeling purified," shared Blechdom. "I've grown so much since 'Eat My Heart Out,' and Mocky is the perfect writing partner--I feel like I've been lifted up to a whole new level of inspiration and possibilities. After all the things we've seen over the past couple of years, beautiful and tragic, in the end I'm really grateful. It has made me create music I could not be more in love with."

Kevin Blechdom is Kristin Erickson from Stuart, Florida. Her last two albums, "Eat My Heart Out" (2005), and "Bitches Without Britches" (2003) were released on Chicks on Speed Records. Prior to that she was in Blectum From Blechdom, an electronic music duo based in San Francisco that released albums on Tigerbeat6, Orthlorng Musork, Phthalo, and Deluxe Records, and won an Award of Distinction for digital music at the Prix Ars Electronica. She has also released albums on Shimmy Disc with Adult Rodeo, and has just released a live banjo album with Eugene Chadbourne on Victo Records. Blechdom spent 2008 completing her M.F.A. degree in Electronic Music at Mills College. For more information, please visit or