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Scratch Pet Land

On Scratch Pet Land (by Pieter Pan)

"First time I heard the name Scratch Pet Land was when I saw their first (and only?) video, which was recorded at the Carpetland store. Carpetland is for Belgium what Tonton Tapis is for France or Teppich Frick for Germany (Carpetland even owns the latter and recently also bought Wand & Boden). I'm sure you can also translate Scratch Pet Land in the language of your own country. The video showed a nice young man behind a table scratching pieces of carpet from the store in front of him. I always imagined him to be L'homme aux decibels magiques' (that's the fourth track on their first album). The title of the song for the video was 'Square metre fever'. But the Magical decibel guy looked incredibly cool. You can also listen to that track on the first SPL-record, released by Source (yes, from the French band Air).

This is the second SPL-album (Solo Soli iiiii, 2000). On Sonig, of course: label of the German band Mouse on Mars and F.X.Randomiz and Vert and Microstoria and all those other musicians producing fanastic sounds or twisted beats reminiscing on this SPL record. There are twice as much tracks on this new album ( not only Carpetland got bigger ) and the music is even better than on their first release. Still, you'll recognise elements from the first record. No more 'Oiseaux d'appartement' this time, but 'Escargots couleurs!' and bees and a garden... And there's a new version of the Mika hik drum kit! Ah yeah, Mika. Remarkable little girl from Brussels. Speaks two languages from this schizo-town. No one understands this music better than she does. That's why she can easily join the band during live performances. I've seen her doing it. Really. She's the only one who's got the flair to be on this 3 qm stage with the Scratch Pet Brothers and their old Atari Computer, their plastic bee and 'toupimatic toupies', their gameboys and turntables their bongos and jews harp. I can't possibly remember all the instruments. But I do think I remember Mika juggling with an ukulele. If this is your first Scratch Pet Land record, treat it with respect. Because these guys worked hard for their money. They'll never do the same thing twice. For Scratch Pet Land, it's always the first time. They came a long way and walked it all by themselves. Take this record, listen to its unique melodies and discover how exotic things can get in the kingdom of Belgium."

The band Scratch Pet Land founded in 1997 by the Baudoux brothers Laurent and Nicolas is in a long, long break. The brothers are going their own ways and released several records as DJ Elephant Power (Nicolas Baudoux) and Sun OK Papi K.O. (Laurent Baudoux). In between they formed several side projects like the Fan Club Orchestra and the Electrosold Collectif.