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DJ Elephant Power

Anyone who has ever experienced Nicolas Baudoux as a DJ will have fallen in love with his nimble fingers and the dynamic acceleration of pitch in his live sets. Today, he is part of a phalanx of DJs which have beaten a path between laptop-music and live performances to create the exceptional. He revitalizes the dancefloor with new musical styles which go against a uniform functionality.
The style "Skweee" is just such a mutant product of innovative DJ culture (besides other liaisons between Dubstep, Baile Funk and Electro, Digi-Dub or Acid-House). On his new album ELEPHA IN DA FLASH, Nicolas Baudoux still follows stylistic elements of Skweee, but as a pioneer of this particular style, he has already created a new subgenre. The melodies are less ornate and differ considerably from those of the protagonists of the Scandinavian labels HARMÖNIA und FLÖGSTA DANCEHALL in so far as they are more demanding and almost coercive. The densely arranged and scope-widening tracks still contain the dramatic effects of Dubstep but also include a healthy dose of 8-bit warmth which takes the edge off the far view into darkness. Baudoux swiftly assembles a very modern and danceable "Art-Electro" – and one reason may be that he found acid house’s pure euphoria just a bit too silly – and thus delivers a grandiose overture for an electronic funk genre (complete with anecdotic Mr. Oizo-quotes). Contrary to Scandinavian funk, only a small number of prototypical 8bit sounds can be heard. And as far as DJ Elephant Powers’ musical background is concerned, let it be said that on this album he avoids a dominance of instruments without a plug.
His earlier releases (and especially his debut album NO SI, NI SO (sonig 38LP/CD) and the collaboration with his brother Laurent Baudoux as SCRATCH PET LAND) have always represented improvised experiments and bold interferences with stylistic standards. That improvisation can provide the perfect input for arrangements what has already been suggested in nuances on his last release ATLAS ANTHEM (sonig 63): The eccentric elements were made redundant in favour of multilayered tone colours. The playful noises mutated into pulsating machines which formed a row alongside the path towards a pathos of galactic dimensions. But again he somehow manages to screw together a lot of things in a crazy way, while simultaneously suppressing his musical play instinct of earlier days with martial elegance. Three years ago on SRATCH THE HULU (sonig 58CD), he generated exotic grooves and grime from rattling guitar riffs and bicycle horns. This time, synthetic strings and organ sounds compete in a soundclash of "Eastern meets Western style" for polished hooklines. This machine disco tells futuristic tales of lonely printing devices and ill-humoured laser guns. DJ ELEPHANT POWER reveals himself as skilful master in the art of staging his beats without indulging in a lethargic and complacent droning of bass sounds. Nicolas Baudoux aspires Laserfunk at the pink of perfection!