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Uské Orchestra

Allow us to split hairs over a subtle difference: Uské Orchestra’s music is indeed a mixture of styles, but not in the sense of avant-garde. For here no pop music styles are referenced, wildly combined and rendered ridiculous as a result. No, this project around Niko Uské rather assembles and stacks microscopic bits from all possible genres and styles to build teeming musical market places. Uské Orchestra prefer to work with their own recorded acoustic sounds. Within seconds they change the mood, the instrument, the timbre and the arrangement. If there ever was an award for devious sound design, Uské Orchestra would be the clear winner. Just imagine the sound track to ‘the Matrix’, performed by a hyperactive brass band from the Balkans or Mexico. Close-up nothing about this music is ostentatious; but if you take a step back and view the sound paintings as a whole, you’ll notice the impermeability and voluminous magnitude of the tracks. Just as the mighty Leviathan emerges out of a mass of little people, ant heaps crop up here out of innumerable triads.

If there is a connection between music and language, then a babbling mess is prevalent with Uské Orchestra. Sometimes it sounds to us as if ballads, bluegrass, polka, lounge jazz or electronics are played, but then again we are not quite sure. This is music that smirkingly teases and entangles us in its rough poetry.

Being a one man band is not enough for Uske Orchestra. For his last album "Palpelpin" (sonig 72LP) he has designed 200 unique covers with old arabesques patterns and frenetic colorful drawings, a crazy mosaic of 200 objects. After an exhibition at Käämer 12 in Bruxelles the complete covers have been shown in an exhibition at FYW in Cologne, Germany (2009, July 25th - Aug 28th). The remaining copies of Palpelpin are now available exclusively through the sonig (and a-Musik) mailorders. Front and backcover are handmade using techniques like collage, painting & drawing and signed by the artitst himself. Besides the extraordinary cover, the sonig crew thinks that the album contains the best music Uskè has released so far. Get your copy now!