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Sun OK Papi K.O.

Sun OK Papi K.O. is a Belgian music producer. He and his brother Nicolas were the forces behind Scratch Pet Land in the Mid 90's. Laurent AKA Sun OK Papi K.O. is the bad guy, the one with the beard, not with the long curly hair...
His relation to producing is ambigious, comparable to the famous 20th century painter Magritte who doesn't like painting because the smell of paint makes him sick.

Back in 1999, Sun OK Papi K.O. created the label 'Residence Baudoux' (A.K.A RBDX) to be able to release his own music as well as music from his close friends. The short but impressive discography includes artists like the Fan Club Orchestra, Quentin Hanon (his eternal collabor on guitar), the great project 'Electrosold Collectif' and let's not forget Sun OK PAPI K.O. himself with his 7" Spiderman Alphabet.

In the year 2006 he meets the ingenious Japanese MC Illreme, thanks to his friend Ali Durt Morimoto (Fan Club Orchestra Japan, Mitamurakandadan) They cooperate on four tracks for the first Sun Ok papi KO album "Orchestre Philharmonok" on Sonig. This CD might as well have been crashed with a glass recycle bin, it's a kaleidoscope of colour, a nice hand of tricked cards, the most powerfull gun of resident evil.

If you get the occasion, check also his alter ego DJ Sun OK Papi K.O. AKA DJ Jet Jaguar Favela, his sets are aiming to blow many parties. As Bun zero puts it in his famous dubstep radio show: expect the unexpected...