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Ever since his very first cassette releases on the Cologne label Entenpfuhl in 1993 Jo Zimmermann aka Schlammpeitziger has granted an international audience a glimpse into his own private cosmos. The musician, illustrator and inventor of song titles that don't want to end, has a course yet sophisticated humor and has shaped his very own unmistakable style.

Contrary to many producer colleagues whose creativity suffocates under their perfect technical equipment, Zimmermann is a modest kind of guy. He has always recorded at home. On "Auf Dem Bett Studio" (trans. On The Bed Studio) for example, which was then renamed as "Auf dem Brett Studio" (trans. On The Board Studio). To this day he has remained true to the Casio CZ 230 S synthesizer that he got in 1986. Schlammpeitziger coaxes a friendly rumble and his typical web of melodies from this and other synths. Melodies which are always captured using the sensitive sound of his keyboards pitch bending effect which gives them their characteristic glissandi. And with all this apparent friendliness and accessibility one can easily get caught in the web of Schlammpeitzigers melodies, the subsonic carnival of bass and mild noises. But seriousness, suspicion and doubt are our constant companions if we only listen close enough to Schlammpeitziger. Which isn't difficult as his pieces cast their spell of their own accord. They virtually take us by the hand and lead us down, into shadowy melancholy and uncertainty beyond all those pretty tones. Jo Zimmermann slips us his deep musicality with such ease that we are only too happy to let him do as he pleases. His kind of club compatible pop music (or radio friendly club music?) has such hidden qualities that only on the second or third listen come to light, as if by themselves. This ambiguity is another characteristic of this Cologne institution.

Stolperndes Galoppholz (trans. Limping Gallop-Wood), Erdrauchharnschleck and Konservatives Einzelzimmer (trans. Conservative Single-Room), these are the kind of titles that Schlammpeitziger's tracks have. And they are by no means randomly selected titles. Far more they are distilled from the mood that the music conveys. The reverse might be possible too, that the titles send our fantasy on a journey and so create a special atmosphere within the piece. Whatever the case may be, in combination with his titles, each Schlammpeitziger track tells a long and embroiled story.

Much has happened since Jo Zimmermann created the Schlammpeitziger character in 1992. Depeche Mode, The Bionaut, Barbara Morgenstern and Egoexpress have all requested remixes of their work from him. Schlammpeitziger has become a popular guest at international festivals such as Experimentalclub in Madrid or Sonic Acts in Amsterdam. He has released album and singles on his home labels a-Musik and sonig. With "Collected Simple Songs Of My Temporary Past" a kind of best of album even came out in 2001 on the renowned labels Domino (UK), Thrill Jockey (USA) and Tokuma (Japan).

On all these records one recognizes the Schlammpeitziger sound after just a few seconds, as indeed is the case on his latest album "Schwingstelle für Rauschabzug" (sonig 2008). Although with this release something has changed, and strikingly so. For on "Schwingstelle" Schlammpeitziger has discovered deep frequencies and pulsating club beats. And so his typically eloquent style with its independent melodies and lively rhythms has gained an all new attraction.

By the way, Jo Zimmermann has in the mean time acquired new musical hardware such as a computer and a brand new synthesizer. To which friend and musical colleague F.X.Randomiz said Schlammpeitziger would still make Casio style sounds with the modern equipment. And he should know, after all F.X.Randomiz is something of the grey eminence in Cologne's electronic scene, and apart from that, one half of the duo Holosud. The other half is Jo Zimmermann. Holosud have released an EP and an Album on a-Musik. Their dense and hyperactive sound is without equal. The band are responsible for music for many radio plays on WDR (West German Radio). In 2004 Stefan Weigl's radio play "Stripped" won the Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden, the highest prize in Germany for radio plays. In 2009 the radio play "Moment mal,das wird Sie interessieren" also by Stefan Weigl and with music by Holosud won the German Radio-play Prize at the ARD (public German radio).

Schlammpeitziger's live concerts have a special quality. For his music appears on stage in simultaneous "Irony and holy seriousness" (Olaf Karnik). Jo Zimmermann is no great joker, but in contrast, many of the sounds and solos that he throws into his live sets are positively hilarious. And so one never really knows where one really is. And Schlammpeitziger masterfully manages to sustain this level of suspense throughout the length of his concerts. His live performances work equally well in clubs as they do on a theatre stage, in a strobe cloud or in front of rows of chairs. One permanent fixture of these happenings are Ulrike Göken's videos, an artist who is a Schlammpeitziger band member since 2003. Her films are surprising, experimental, funny and surreal. Per track there is one film, so they're like real music videos if you will. Not least of all when Jo does his legendary bobble hat dance and the hall is raging, is it hard for the audience to decide between watching what's happening on the stage or on the screen.

Currently (2009/2010) Schlammpeitziger is working on a DVD with video for "Raum für Projektion" and a new album for sonig.