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Where have Workshop been all of your life? (by David Grubbs)

"Their first two records, Workshop and Welcome Back the Workshop, with Althoff’s unmistakable singing and the group’s quality of having invented its own effortless, signature groove reminded some of their Cologne predecessors Can, particularly the Damo Suzuki era. The names Faust and Dom were similarly invoked, even if less a propos. They made an abrupt, tires-squealing turn in 1995 with Talent, a plunderphonic, sample-based, undeniably prescient effort. (Dymaxion’s recent debut CD sports a similar m.o. and bears resemblance to Talent.) Meiguiweisheng Xiang is an extremely organic, back-to-the-groove affair in which one’s sense of time progressively distorts. (It’s one of my favorite records of the 1990s.)
I had the good fortune to see a rare live performance by Workshop in 1999 in Graz, Austria. I had no particular expectations about how such a peculiarly introverted, esoteric group might translate their strengths -- or discover new ones -- in a live performance. That night Workshop performed as a seven-piece group, an awesome three-guitar lineup that followed every hiccuppy nuance of Althoff’s voice; the evening’s graceful arc concluded with Workshop merging with and finally yielding to the delirious house DJ Neon Leon.
Kai Althoff is also particularly well-known as a visual artist, and you are urged to avail yourself of his installations, drawings, publications, and films (several made in collaboration with Cosima von Bonin). Also recommended is Subtle Tease, his project with Justus Köhncke (Whirlpool Productions), and particularly their record The Goings of an Offer (Ladomat)."

- In the meantime they have released two more albums "Es liebt Dich und Deine Körperlichkeit, ein Ausgeflippter" (2001) and "Yog Sothoth" (2004) - both on sonig. Rumours come and go they have stopped recording forever or are working on a new album.