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The combination of experimental-electronic, electro-acoustic and serious music is ideally revealed and realised in Hajsch's music. After a ten year period the compositions released in 1992 on his own label "Quiet Artworks" can be heard on CD. Originally these recording were only available as limited edition vinyl pressings. Despite this fact, the recordings quickly received distribution. Musicians such as Jim O'Rourke, John Zorn, Thurston Moore or Masami Akita were inspired by Hajsch's music. He was offered numerous opportunities for collaborations. Despite this interest, or perhaps precisely because of it, this independently-minded artist withdrew from the scene. He completed his work with "Quiet Artworks" and founded the label "Urthona" in order to bring the music of others into the light. In so doing he created some space for himself to search for other, extended possibilities and ways of working. After an album with the improvisation orchestra "Kontakta", a remix for "Microstoria", a production of the collaboration between the cologne noise-trio "Brüsseler Platz 10a-Musik" and the dutch media critic "Gerd Lovink", not to mention diverse productions for the west german radio's (WDR) "Studio akustische Kunst" programme, in 2001 Hajsch brought a new masterpiece to the fore. In conjunction with C-Schulz, Hajsch spent three years working intensively on an album, which redefined anew the borders between electro-acoustic, concrete music and electronica. Despite its complexity and originality the untitled album became a great success with public and critics alike and is constantly being reordered by distributors and stores alike.

Hajsch is a classical, quiet perfectionist, eschewing both loudness in music and the unbridled din of the media in equal measure. He is uncompromising in both his work and his thinking and manages to gain an astounding musical power from his extreme designs through which traditional and modern musical structures can be blended anew. His works "Nagual" and "Akasa/Für Cleo" still sound fresh and current. Hajsch's quiet, powerful music, in which concept, experiment, concrete music and classical composition are equals, will still be attracting a host new listeners long after the hysteria surrounding speedily engendered powerbook-electronica has subsided. The eponymously entitled CD, complete with newly mastered tracks and a cover designed by Hajsch himself, has been released in january 2003.