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Wevie De Crepon

Wevie De Crepon is a contractually obliged pseudonym of Wevie Stonder, a band who (in either disguise) have been forced against their will to live in a monkey colony since 1993. It was during their time with the primates that Wevie De Crepon were taught the principles of 'Cack music', and shown the paths to the most extreme ends of the musical spectrum.


Wevie Stonder began in 1979, when at the age of six, Alan Boorman & Richard Sothcott began their musical quest by recording a group of chickens down an old army telephone into a tape recorder, & playing it back while hitting a 4 string guitar & a biscuit tin.

By July 1993, they were armed with an Amstrad 3 track studio 100, Johnny Guitar and a Casio PT82. The first recording session with this new equipment soon resulted in a failed cover version of Stevie Wonder's "I just called to say I love you", and marked the birth of Wevie Stonder.

After inserting the resulting cassette into Brighton music library, recorded on the b-side of a Steve Reich LP (giving it it's own dewey decimal number), Stonder soon began to expand. By 1994 Chris Umney had joined, and several years of recording over the same 3 track cassette ensued. There quickly followed a short-lived artistic career featuring live music-theatre performances such as "Carrot the Dog Opera" and an international mail art exhibition "The History Of Dogs". It was through all of these experiences that the group discovered their own true "Cack" style, and ventured onwards over the following years to produce many great and varied works.

In 1999 Wevie joined SKAM records, an event described by some as the biggest setback ever to have hit the label. The release of their first EP "Eat Your Own Ears" then followed: a compendium of styles including Cack, advanced music and dog interviews, receiving world-wide acclaim and 1 out of 10 in NME. A debut gig at SONAR 2000 secured much disbelief & some fans and more recordings for Skam followed.

A new member, Henry Sargeant (Actor), became a permanent feature & disturbing interactive live element, with his ever growing props box & legendary 3 foot pissing cock hat. It was during this time that Wevie branched out to form a thinly veiled alter ego Wevie De Crepon, after being invited to record for the SONIG label by Jan St. Werner, when he witnessed a gig at a Pukkelpop festival in Belgium. It was with Sonig that Wevie refined the recording of the now infamous Bollard Track (Ton Wah).

Shortly afterwards Nadir Al-Badri also joined the ranks, gracing Wevie with additional tuba, midi trumpet, minature fretless bass, & occasional bee costume. He can often be seen at Wevie gigs dancing like john travolta whilst encouraging the audience to speak into a tube. Wevie is a collective with Al at the healm during the writing & recording process, and at the rear during gigs, when Chris, Henry, Nanni, and sometimes Rich or Matt are the front men. Usually a 4 piece line up, sometimes a 5 piece, And even a 6 if you really want it bad. The Wevie live show consists of many things other than purely the music: onstage fighting, films, competitions, audience participation & a number of wigs are often just as much a part of the set. Wevie Stonder are fresh from working on their new album THE BUCKET, and are now ready to bring their show of freaks to a town near you.